Pied Wagtail

A short documentary about the Pied Wagtails who live on the South Mall, Cork City. Originally screened at IndieCork Film Festival 2021.

I love these little birds, who scurry about unnoticed beneath people’s feet, flitting between pavement and rooftop, tails always bobbing. It was wonderful to spend time observing them closely. They are so well adapted to their environment, ever sharp and alert, and they have surprisingly little fear of the giant vehicles they co-exist with. Their Irish name, ‘Glasóg Shráide’, roughly translates as ‘Young Fella on the Street’. I came to recognise the three individual wagtails who lived on the South Mall: a chick, its parent, and another adult bird with an injured foot. I tried not to get too close to the wagtails while filming. They will run away from people, but aren’t overly nervous. I do think that throughout the filming process they got used to my presence, the chick in particular.